Friends of the Heart Retreats

Feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed? Are you ready to change your life? We invite you to take time away from your ordinary experience to recharge and return to your soul’s true heart. Our retreats offer a full-body experience into your heart and soul for healing, growth, and a return to original wholeness through love. Find your own inner resources for recognition of the divine love that surrounds us.

Our mission is to bring love and healing to this planet through creating a space for the healing of our brothers and sisters. Utilizing our backgrounds in Neuroscience, Psychology and Metaphysics we work at all levels to help you achieve the maximum benefit in your journey back to wholeness.

We utilize a host of techniques including bodywork, breathing, meditation, ritual, and group support to help you connect with others and to reconnect to your own divine self. We utilize the forces of the planet and include time in natural settings to aid in the effectiveness of the our techniques. We bring to you relaxing and fulfilling activities to help you reconnect, rejuvenate, and restore.

And so we begin our year-long journey of 2019 to bring love and healing to this world of pain and suffering. We would love to join with you.

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