Asheville 2019 June 1 to 2

Reconnecting to our Divine Source

In these turbulent times many of us find ourselves uncertain and confused. In so many ways we have become separated from our own knowing and guidance. This retreat is designed to reignite your souls passion and to regain your souls true home. Join with us to remember and celebrate your true self. Reconnect to your inner knowing and find true guidance.

Join Sacha and Ann at our Asheville home on Saturday for a full day of guided meditation, sound healing, and learning how to connect to your own inner guidance. On Sunday we will go on a guided hike to learn about how nature can reconnect you to your source and raise your vibrational level.

Asheville is an exciting destination. Choose from many wonderful accommodations and restaurants!

Book your own accommodation and join us for sessions of celebration, movement and dance as we delve deeper into the loving connection we all share. All sessions and lunch will be provided both days for a total cost of just $89!

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